UMBRIA IGP. Grechetto grapes manually harvested in the vineyards of the sunniest side of the Chiani valley are vinified at low temperatures to allow the wine to preserve the characteristic aroma of the native Umbrian grape variety.

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    Grapes used to produce it: Grechetto 100%
    Breeding system: Guyot
    Yield per hectare: – in grapes 80 quintals, – in wine 56 hl
    Vinification: The grapes harvested entirely by hand and harvested intact in crates, are
    immediately introduced into the pneumatic press with the addition of dry ice, to preserve
    any type of oxidation, and pectolytic enzymes, to encourage the extraction of primary
    aromas, which are preserved for the action of dry ice. After twelve hours the crushing-
    destemming takes place in a very soft way, followed by decanting and subsequent
    stripping always keeping the must at a low temperature; when the mass has reached 13-
    14 degrees, the yeast is inoculated to start the alcoholic fermentation which takes place at
    a controlled temperature (16-18 ° C) for a minimum duration of 13-15 days.
    Aging: The wine continues its maturation period in steel tanks for about 4-5 months.
    Pairing: It goes well with fish dishes and is also enjoyable with different combinations of
    traditional Umbrian cuisine. It is recommended to serve it fresh, at a temperature of 11 – 12
    ° C.
    Colour: straw yellow
    Perfume: typical of the vine, intense and complex.
    Taste: savory, persistent, intense and fresh structure